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Forsaken Sovereign

Available on Kindle Vella

In the world of the Fae, Ella was born into a life of privilege as the princess of her kingdom. But her happy childhood was abruptly cut short when her father, the king, was overthrown by a powerful sorcerer.

Ella was just an infant when she was stolen away from her home and taken to a faraway land, where she was raised by humans who knew nothing of her true identity. For years, Ella lived a quiet and unassuming life, never suspecting that she was anything more than an ordinary human.

But all of that changes when three handsome fae males appear in her life, claiming that she is the rightful heir to the throne of her kingdom. With their help, Ella begins to uncover the truth about her past and the destiny that awaits her.

As they journey back to her kingdom, Ella must grapple with the challenges of being a young queen, learning to control her powers, and navigating the complicated feelings that arise between her and her three protectors. As they fight to retake the throne and restore peace to the Fae lands, Ella discovers that love and sacrifice can be the most powerful weapons of all.

Will Ella be able to reclaim her throne and her birthright? And will she find happiness with the three fae males who have come to mean everything to her? Find out in "Forsaken Sovereign", a thrilling fantasy romance that will transport you to a world of magic and adventure.

Available on Kindle Vella

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