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Updated: May 20, 2022

Reviewed by Stephanie Chapman for Readers' Favorite

Leslie Anne Cook’s Ethereal Call is a magical fantasy about a sarcastic Fae named Kyra. While on Earth, she is discovered by two disguised male Fae, Micah and Lazlo, who claim she is royalty. They want to bring her back to their realm, but Kyra refuses and tries to evade them. When she thinks she is safe and is preparing to disappear, vampires attack Kyra. As she attempts to fend off the horde, Micah and Lazlo come to her aid. Unfortunately, Kyra sustains critical injuries and falls unconscious. When Kyra wakes, she discovers the two men have brought her to the Fae Realm. Kyra becomes mated to Micah and Lazlo, and while sleeping, she begins having vivid dreams that revive suppressed memories of her childhood. A dryad has begun to visit her, stating she needs to collect seeds from the life tree Kyra’s mother had guarded. Kyra’s determination causes Micah and Lazlo to assist her in the quest. Time is of the essence as the dryad is fading away from existence.

Leslie Anne Cook crafted a clear image of Kyra’s inner conflict. Each memory that surfaced caused Kyra to question her identity. She was very independent while she was on Earth, but in the Fae Realm, she was forced to recognize she needed to work with others. I enjoyed watching Kyra progress into a more compassionate character. The pace of Ethereal’s Call is quick due to the intensity of the emotions and action. The story is very vivid in the descriptions of the surroundings and events. My favorite part of the story involved Echo and Uboh. Uboh reminded me of a normal child, being impulsive and inquisitive in everything around him. Echo reminded me of a frustrated parent when he would try to intervene in Uboh’s actions. The humor and relatable dialogue of the story kept my interest, and I wanted to keep reading. The ending adds suspense to the series. There are sexual scenes and some instances of profanity, so I would recommend only adult readers for this emotionally charged fantasy. I look forward to reading the sequel to see how Kyra and her friends evolve.

Available in E-Book, Paperback &Audio.

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